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DGLegacy’s EU trademark registration process concludes

June 17, 2021
DGLegacy's EU TradeMark Certificate

DGLegacy’s EU trademark registration process concludes


We’re happy to share with you that DGLegacy just had its trademark approved and registered by the EU Intellectual Property Office


DGLegacy European trademark registration


DGLegacy’s EU trademark registration


This is great news as it further enables DGLegacy to protect its members and continue to carry out its mission. Having an approved trademark is vital to a brand and is among the pillars of stability each respectful company should establish. It allows for an organization to:


  • Continue fulfilling its mission uninterrupted;
  • Reinforce its good standing in society;
  • Protect its members.


It’s not an easy or quick process, but the level of security it provides is well worth the effort. 

This is yet another turn of the flywheel for DGLegacy, further helping us build our momentum and serve our customer’s needs better!

We’re also expecting the registration process for our US trademark to conclude soon, which would only further enable us in our mission.



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