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DGLegacy receives its US Trademark Registration

January 27, 2022
DGLegacy's US TradeMark Registration Certificate

DGLegacy receives its US Trademark Registration


We are excited and proud to share that DGLegacy has just received its US trademark registration by the United States Patent and Trademark Office!


DGLegacy US Trade Mark Registration


DGLegacy’s US trademark registration certificate


This further asserts DGLegacy’s mission to protect its members and continue to provide quality to its customers. Having our trademark registered reinforces our dedication and was the next natural step towards building upon the value of our company.

The process to obtain the registration was long, but as our experience has proven – everything that’s really worth it is challenging yet rewarding!

Receiving the US trademark registration enables us to serve our customer’s needs even better, as well as protects our brand and enhances its recognition. It’s a vow to our customers and an investment without an expiration date.

The good is yet to come and we’ll keep devotedly working towards a safer future!


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