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DGLegacy® detects “alive” / “fatal” events to trigger inheritance
DGLegacy® detects “alive” / “fatal” events to trigger inheritance

In the face of life’s unpredictability, our “fatal” event detection system ensures your loved ones are proactively notified about the assets you wish to pass down to them.

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Protect your digital and financial assets

You list to protect your complex and diverse assets, perhaps in multiple countries, and ensure they’ll be inherited by your family.

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List to protect your complex and diverse assets.
Triggered Heartbeat Protocol
Proactive notifications for selected beneficiaries

DGLegacy® proactively informs your beneficiaries about their designated assets, ensuring transparency and awareness for your chosen loved ones

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What is important to you

Recognizing your deep dedication towards your loved ones, let us help you tailor your digital and financial legacy with care and responsibility.

Set what to share

List digital and financial assets, passwords, and account credentials in your legacy planning to ensure they’re part of your inheritance.

Specify when to share

Specify if your beneficiaries should be notified when you catalog an asset in DGLegacy® or only in the event of a detected fatal incident involving you.

Decide how to share

Ensure a dedicated Executive Assistant for your beneficiaries, so that we proactively contact your beneficiaries by phone (globally!) to ensure they are notified.

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Why DGLegacy® is the #1 place to secure your assets

DGLegacy is great for protecting my assets and my family. So far I was storing my assets’ information on a google sheet shared with my wife, but I always worried that my assets will be lost if …


Strategic Alliances Manager - dmarcian

This is a service that could make you sleep well in a time of crisis. Knowing your family is sorted out and you have every valuable under control is priceless.


Senior Engineering Manager - VMware
Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Finally a peace of mind. I always wanted a tool where I could see a snapshot of my assets, track them, and decide what to share, with whom and when.
Because my assets were stored in different systems …

Ingrid Henke

Founder - ARRIVA relocation services
Berlin, Germany.

Knowing that DGLegacy exists is such a relief! Up till now, I’ve put my head in the sand when it came to thinking about my assets because it was so stressful with no real solution in sight. I ca…

Alara Vural

Founder - Alara Vural Coaching
London, UK.

I have been using a secure vault and password manager for years but I always worried that my family won’t be aware of most of this information if they need it. I really like that DGLegacy combines p…

Agnieszka Michalik

Software Architect - HERE Technologies
Berlin, Germany

DGLegacy enables me to easily track and organize all my passwords and assets.
The most important thing is that the digital inheritance capability of the service ensures that loved ones will be informe…

Stella Schmitz

International HR Executive

Your secure digital legacy planning
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