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Why is my partner always worried when I leave for a business trip – and how do I fix that?

August 10, 2021
Leaving for a business trip - DGLegacy helps to protect your assets and loved ones

When you travel a lot on business trips, it can be challenging to your relationships. It is extremely difficult and distressing at times, not only to you but also your partner and your whole family. In many cases, the traveling partner is not even aware of why his or her other half is always worried when the time comes to depart. 


There are a few reasons why.

Of course, there is the question of how all this traveling and the distance might affect your relationship. 

  1. Will you drift apart?

  2. Will things be the same when you are back together? 

  3. Some might even wonder whether the other person might cheat.

    But this is something you can easily fix, just by reassuring your partner about how much you love them and that nothing could ever change that, and that will shove all those silly thoughts away. 

  4. However, the major reason why partners worry is that they are scared of losing you. 

    Losing one’s other half is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Your partner worries that there might be an accident during your business trip and that something bad might happen to you or they might lose you forever.

Death is inevitable, and unfortunately, we do not have the power to predict it or change the future. Anything can happen at any point of our lives, and we cannot prevent it from happening.


Control of the situation

Usually when you travel, you feel that you are in control of the situation, even though this might not be the case. But just being there and seeing what is happening around you makes you realise that the chances of something bad happening are slim and you feel more relaxed.

However, if your partner is not there with you, they cannot see that everything is going well, and they cannot help imagining something bad happening to you. They feel that if they were there with you, they might be able to do something to protect you. And all those horrible thoughts just keep coming to them about how they would manage without you. Especially if you have kids, they wonder how they would be able to take care of them on their own and how they would be able to provide the same things that you are able to provide for them. 


Family balance

In each family, there is some kind of balance. One of the adults works and provides food and a roof for the family, while the other takes care of the family, making sure that the clothes are always laundered, that there is always food on the table, that the family eats properly and stays healthy, and that the children are well-behaved and do their studying so that one day they will be able to earn their own money.

If one of the adults is gone, the whole balance is destroyed and things don’t work as well as when there were two parents. Your partner is afraid that they would not be able to balance work and the kids without your support. You can see now why partners are usually worried when you travel a lot. They cannot imagine their lives without you and they do not know whether they would be able to do it all alone. 


How do I fix the situation?

With DGLegacy, you can record all your:

    • passwords
    • money
    • assets,
    • where to find them,
    • and all the other information your family might need in order to be able to claim the assets.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that nothing will ever happen to you, and no amount of money can replace a loved person.

But at least DGLegacy will give you peace of mind that if something were to happen to you, your family would not have financial problems to cope with at such a sad time and they would be able to deal with the situation and get back on their feet.


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