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Peter Minev for BANKINGCLUB, Fintech-World

March 20, 2021
Peter Minev, Co-founder of DGLegacy and author of the book "Building TECH"

Peter Minev, the co-founder and CEO of DGLegacy is answering five questions for BANKINGCLUB


What part of the “financial system” are you making easier with your company?

DGLegacy aims to solve the global problem of unclaimed and abandoned digital and financial assets, which stay in banks, insurance companies, digital wallets and online trading platforms, instead of reaching the family members, in the case of an unforeseen event with the owners.


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How do you do that?

Through DGLegacy, in the case of an unforeseen event happening to you, people whom you designate as beneficiaries will be proactively informed about your assets and will be able to identify and locate them.


Where is it currently still hanging?

With the official launch of its service in 2020, DGLegacy joined the family of FintTECH companies, positioning itself as a secure document and password manager with digital inheritance.


If you had one wish for your company, then …

… DGLegacy to build a world where in the case of an unforeseen event, people’s assets go to their families, instead of staying abandoned and unclaimed in the companies which hold them. 


What you always wanted to say to the banking industry?

Technology is disrupting everything, including the banking sector. Banks must focus on partnerships with innovative new companiesthis can give them a big competitive advantage and boost their innovation





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