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Meet DGLegacy SafeCard – your secure document and password manager with digital inheritance in your pocket

February 2, 2021
DGLegacy SafeCard

When DGLegacy was founded, we set out on a mission – to make sure if something unforeseen happens, the fruits of our hard work don’t go to waste but rather to our loved ones. The feedback we received from our clients and partners was overwhelmingly positive; and something we definitely didn’t expect in such a magnitude. 

Using that momentum and having gathered really awesome ideas how to improve our solution, we took the next logical step; and made securely storing your asset and password information even more secure and convenient. 


Introducing – DGLegacy SafeCard: 

DGLegacy SafeCard is an encrypted physical card that fits in your wallet and stores your passwords and digital and financial assets. You designate beneficiaries and they also receive their SafeCards with assigned assets. Your assets and personal information are never stored on the cloud unless you want them to be.


It’s the size of a credit card: 
    • 8.56 cm (3.37 in) x 5.39 cm (2.12 in)
    • with just a slightly bigger height – 0.3 cm (0.12 in),
    • weighing just 40g.


Apart from making it extremely practical, we also wanted to make it very secure, reliable and easy to use:

    • 2GB of encrypted storage (using an AES algorithm with a 256 bit long key for securely storing your information);
    • 2MB/s secure Bluetooth low energy connection (using a two-layer protection mechanism for authentication and authorization);
    • Custom-engineered Heartbeat protocol;
    • 5-year battery life with one charge;
    • 25 years data storage without a charge;
    • Wireless charging.

In simple terms, we’ve made sure you can safely transmit data to your SafeCard, which is then further encrypted; and so are the local copies you can make. You don’t have to worry about the battery either because it lasts 5 years with 1 full charge. Even after that charge is depleted – SafeCard still keeps your data for 25 years without power!



Another reason for us to create SafeCard was to address the sometimes absurd scenarios people are forced to adopt to catalog their assets:



None of the existing solutions offer all key components of solving the problem at hand. We wanted to do exactly that – provide you with an even more convenient way to catalog your assets, passwords and documents while giving you peace of mind; right in your pocket! 


We hope you like it! 
Support DGLegacy’s SafeCard project on www.indiegogo.com/dglegacy-safecard and get all the exclusive benefits we offer to our backers!



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