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DGLegacy launches its SafeCard Indiegogo campaign

January 18, 2021
DGLegacy SafeCard fully encripted right there in your pocket

We’re happy to announce the launch of our DGLegacy SafeCard Indiegogo campaign!

DGLegacy SafeCard is the asset and password protection manager with digital inheritance in your pocket. This device is the next revolutionary step in our offering, allowing us to provide you with all the great features of our software right in your pocket or wallet.


DGLegacy SafeCard is special for so many reasons, the key ones being:

      • Data on your assets isn’t stored online, it’s right there in your pocket (unlike cloud solutions);
      • Your data is fully encrypted right off the bat (so you don’t have to think of how to do that additionally);
      • Even though it’s in your pocket, information on your assets is still accessible to beneficiaries in real time (which can’t really be achieved with other solutions);
      • You can assign certain assets to individual beneficiaries all from the same place;
      • If an unforeseen event is detected, your beneficiaries are notified as per your wishes.

We at DGLegacy love to cater to our customer’s needs. After listening to your valuable feedback, it was only natural to come up with an even more secure and accessible way to give you peace of mind, ensuring your hard work is preserved.Indiegogo logo

More on DGLegacy SafeCard can be read on our Indiegogo page. A more detailed and dedicated page will soon be made available on our website.



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