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DGLegacy at Web Summit 2020

December 14, 2020
DGLegacy at Web Summit 2020, participation in several events

Web Summit, the annual technology conference usually held in Lisbon, Portugal, this year took place from December 2nd to December 4th as an online event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The speakers included a mix of CEOs, subject-matter experts, and celebrities who shared extremely useful information and interesting insights from their personal experience in various

areas, from large topics such as

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  • education
  • society
  • leadership
  • Covid’s impact

to more specific ones such as

  • investment
  • scaling
  • data science
  • SaaS
  • AI and machine learning.

One of the CEOs participating in Web Summit 2020 was Peter Minev, the co-founder of DGLegacy, the digital inheritance, password manager, and asset protection secure vault.
He spoke about cyber security in the “Protecting against cyber adversaries” event organized by Accenture.

Peter Minev is an engineering leader who has built tech organizations in companies of various sizes and industries around the globe. He holds M. Sc. Degree in Engineering and EMBA degree with honors from ESMT Berlin.
Author of the book Building TECH, building and scaling successful tech organizations: from inception to a unicorn

Peter, as a CEO of DGLegacy, also took part in the “Own and tell our story” roundtable, to share more about the storytelling challenges in the articulation of the idea behind DGLegacy, as well as the difficulty of talking about the unforeseen and sad events in our lives in a positive and invigorating way.

More about the Web Summit and attendees can be found here.

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