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DGLegacy® at Slush 2023: Embrace the Future of Digital Legacy Planning

November 11, 2023
DGLegacy® at Slush 2023

HELSINKI, Finland, November 11, 2023 – As DGLegacy® marks its presence at Slush 2023, we’re thrilled to introduce journalists and attendees to our revolutionary Digital Legacy Planning & Digital Inheritance app that is not only disrupting the traditional estate planning realm but also paving the way for a new multibillion-dollar horizon.


Introducing DGLegacy®

DGLegacy® is a pioneering AI-driven digital legacy planning and inheritance service. It’s not just about digital wills; it’s about simplifying the increasingly complex landscape of assets in today’s digital age, ensuring a transparent and secure bridge between your assets and your loved ones.


Our Mission & Vision

In an era dominated by a significant digital footprint, our aim is to serve middle-aged professionals, aspiring investors, global citizens, and especially those underserved individuals left behind by traditional estate planning and inheritance methods. We believe that everyone deserves the right to ensure their assets find their rightful place without years of waiting and complications.


Did you know?

Unclaimed assets have skyrocketed to an alarming $100B in the USA and £77B in the UK, $ 5 Billion per year increase in the USA.

DGLegacy® strives to tackle this challenge head-on, offering a solution that ensures people can:

  • Seamlessly track their own investments and wealth.
  • Connect beneficiaries with their rightful assets, minimizing missed claims.
  • Utilize AI model to detect a pass away event to trigger the digital inheritance, ensuring the timely transfer of information.

As we step into Slush 2023, we’re enthusiastic to share our journey, our innovative solutions, and the profound potential of the world of digital inheritance. 

To find out more about how DGLegacy® can help you protect your digital and financial assets, please visit www.dglegacy.com.


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