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DGLegacy® App Launch: A New Way to Protect Your Digital Legacy and Loved Ones

November 30, 2023
App Store / Google Play Screenshots of the DGLegacy App

HELSINKI, Finland, November 30, 2023 – In an ever-changing digital world, safeguarding our online presence and assets has become a necessity. Recognizing this, DGLegacy®, the AI-driven digital legacy planning and inheritance service, is excited to announce the launch of its first mobile application, soon available on both the App Store and Google Play. This significant step was unveiled at the renowned SLUSH conference, signaling a new era in digital legacy protection.

Did you know?

Unclaimed assets have skyrocketed to an alarming $100B in the USA and £77B in the UK, with a $5 billion per year increase in the USA. Life’s uncertainties remind us of the importance of planning for the future. 

Tragic statistics from the WHO (World Health Organization) reveal 1.35 million road traffic deaths globally in 2016, a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability. 

Additionally, Global Life Partners highlights the often overlooked plight of the world’s orphans, with a life expectancy considerably lower than the global average. These facts emphasize the important need to protect not just ourselves but also those we leave behind.

While traditional legal documents like wills and testaments might be crafted very professionally, the heirs might not be aware of the very existence of some of your digital assets, nor know how to identify and locate them in order to claim and access them. This is where DGLegacy® steps in.

DGLegacy®’s app is designed to be a compassionate and practical solution in the digital era. It enables users to securely catalog and designate their digital and physical assets, ensuring that in any unexpected event, their digital legacy is transferred smoothly and securely to their loved ones.

What Makes DGLegacy® App Stand Out:

  • Simplicity and Security: User-friendly with strong security, DGLegacy® is soon available on iOS and Android for accessible legacy planning.
  • Intelligent Alive/Fatal Event Detection: An AI model monitors for alive/fatal events to trigger digital inheritance.
  • Transparency and Awareness for Loved Ones: Proactive notifications inform loved ones about designated assets, eliminating the burden of remembering lists and access details.

About DGLegacy®:

DGLegacy® is dedicated to offering a secure and intuitive service for managing your digital legacy effortlessly, in the digital era. 

We strive to provide a simple yet effective way for people to navigate their digital afterlife, ensuring their digital assets and loved ones are protected and cherished by future generations.

Take the first step in protecting your digital legacy with DGLegacy – because your digital life matters.

Better 5 minutes early than 5 years late.

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At Slush 2023, DGLegacy® unveils the launch of its AI-driven mobile app for digital legacy planning and asset protection. Available soon on App Store and Google Play, it marks a new era in securing digital afterlife.

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