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Ana Mineva shares vision for a safer, and better world at AI4Good

February 8, 2024
Ana Mineva participates in a panel discussion titled "AI at AI4Good," organized by Future Holders Org and Girls Gearing Up

Ana Mineva, CEO of DGLegacy®, shares insights on fostering a safer, better world through AI as a panelist at AI4Good – Artificial Intelligence for Good.

A recent insightful panel discussion titled “AI at AI4Good,” organized by Future Holders Org and Girls Gearing Up. The event, which took place on February 7th, 2024, hosted young women from three continents, focusing on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to create a safer and better world.

The panel addressed several vital topics concerning the role of AI in society

1. The Promise and Risks of AI Technology:

Discussing the immense potential of AI to benefit society alongside the ethical concerns and risks that accompany its deployment.

2. Women’s Role in Ethical AI Use:

Highlighting the essential contributions women can make in leading the ethical use of AI, ensuring that developments in the field consider diverse perspectives and needs.

3. Skills for Young Women Leaders in AI:

Identifying key competencies, such as critical thinking and visibility, necessary for young women aiming to influence AI development.

4. AI Empowering Women Worldwide:

Exploring how AI can address challenges specific to women, from healthcare to workplace inclusivity, by designing models that overcome inherent biases.

The discussions underscored the importance of proactive involvement in shaping AI to ensure it serves as a force for good. Panelists, including DGLegacy’s CEO, emphasized the need for inclusive approaches to AI development that reflect and address the needs of all sections of society, particularly women. They discussed creating AI solutions that are not only innovative but also equitable and accessible.

Ana Mineva shared her vision on the crucial role women have in this arena:

“Women need to ensure AI technologies reflect diverse perspectives. This involves participation at every level—from legislation to development, aiming for technology that ethically serves society.”

The event was a resounding success, with breakout sessions that buzzed with ideas on using AI to tackle issues like healthcare disparities and environmental challenges. Ana’s participation underscored her commitment to mentoring and empowering the next generation of female leaders in technology, ensuring they are equipped to use AI responsibly and innovatively.

By fostering discussions on these topics, the AI4Good event contributes to a broader understanding and engagement with AI technologies, encouraging a future where technology truly benefits everyone. The enthusiasm and innovative ideas generated during this event are a hopeful sign that young women are ready to lead and inspire the responsible development of AI technologies.


Ana Mineva participates in a panel discussion titled "AI at AI4Good," organized by Future Holders Org and Girls Gearing Up.

Picture credits to Future Holders Org and Girls Gearing Up.

Key takeaways from the panel

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023 reveals that women constitute only 30% of the global AI workforce, highlighting a significant gender gap that worsens existing disparities in a crucial and influential sector like AI. Here are essential insights to consider:

    • Active participation of women in AI development is crucial to ensure that AI technologies are inclusive and beneficial to everyone. If you’re not included, make your presence known!
    • The effectiveness of AI is determined by our inputs. We must vigilantly oversee its development to avert biased results.
    • AI is widespread, yet a third of the global population remains without internet access. Closing this digital divide is crucial.
    • Visibility is key for women to drive meaningful changes. It’s important to voice your opinions and make your actions count (as we encourage at GGU: lift each other up!).
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