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George, working for a tech company.

January 17, 2020

In my tech career so far, I got stock options and RSUs from most of the companies I worked for. I have a good overview of the tech scene, so I’m also investing as a hobby – I’m buying company stocks of some of the most successful tech companies on the stock market, for my small private portfolio.

In addition, I have a few bank accounts, a few insurance policies, including life insurance, a small number of bitcoins, and various other assets.

The combined value of these assets is significant, but I realize that because they are stored in so many different systems and repositories, it’s difficult even for me to keep track of them. My wife has an even harder time keeping track. And as for my parents and my siblings – they have almost no idea about the assets I own. 

The problem is that the systems which store my assets don’t have a legal obligation to trace and inform my family if anything happens to me. Usually, they keep them for a certain period, and if they stay unclaimed – they take ownership of them!  

That seems very unfair to me. You work hard to earn that money, and one day, it can be legally “stolen”, instead of reaching my family! 

Until now, I have stored this information on a Google sheet shared with my wife, but this doesn’t sound like a good solution. What if something happens to us both together? Or what if she forgets where the file is, or changes her computer and forgets to transfer this link? What if the computer gets hacked? Sharing with my parents and siblings makes it even more complicated.

My troubles were finally resolved when I found the DGLegacy service. It gave me the long-sought peace of mind.  

With DGLegacy, I’m able to securely list my assets and assign my family members as beneficiaries. 

And most importantly – the service has a heartbeat protocol, so that in the event of my death, my family will be informed about the assets so they can claim their rightful ownership and take possession.

Disclaimer: The names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals who shared their stories.

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