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Jan 17 2020

Since childhood, I have dreamed of traveling around the world. Now I have found a home for that passion by working in different countries as an expat. 

I realize there is one drawback, though – my assets, such as bank accounts and insurance policies, are in different countries, and as a result, my family has almost no idea about them.

I’m worried that the banks and the asset management companies don’t have a legal obligation to trace and inform my loved ones should anything happen to me. The fear that these companies might silently take ownership of my hard-earned money was recently strengthened by a report that I read about billions of USD of unclaimed assets globally. This was an eye-opening moment for me, as I realized that this was a very real risk. 

Finally, I found peace of mind when I discovered the DGLegacy service. It allows me to securely list my multi-country assets in one place, assign my loved ones as beneficiaries, and ensure that they will be informed of the assets should anything happen to me.

Disclaimer: The names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals who shared their stories.


Editorial Team

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