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DGLegacy was part of the “Your brand is your identity” roundtable at Collision 2021

April 29, 2021
Your brand is your identity” was the theme of the roundtable How to create a great community around your brandat Collision 2021, North America’s fastest-growing tech conference.


We are delighted to share with you more about the roundtable panel led by Vanessa Alexandra (V) Gaik, Group Director, Global Business Solutions at TikTok.

All the participants in the discussion were aligned on the fact that strong brands such as DGLegacy should be open and honest with their members. 

As Victor Minev, from DGLegacy said – “You can’t make someone else believe in your mission if your heart and mind aren’t in it – if you don’t share that same view”.


The most important accents that Victor shared with us:

Know your members, their needs and differences

find a way to engage with the different types of personas that are within those and make sure you’re addressing everyone’s needs, not just focusing on one or two groups;

Screenshot Source: CollisionConf

Community over competition

Always – be mindful of the competition, but don’t get too much into ‘winning‘ over the competition (purely in terms of features) – be more active in winning over more members, a bigger community, and listen to their feedback first.

Educate your members

Interesting 80/20 approach to educate them:

  • 80% – educate your members on your industry in general, provide applicable, useful knowledge to them;
  • 20% – educate your members on your product/services; 

Don’t lose track of the grand vision/strategy

But be realistic about what are your stepping stones – the individual milestones that’ll act as rockets in getting the company where it wants to be in the end.

We are very delighted to have had the chance to share more about DGLegacy’s mission and vision to build a world where people can protect their assets and make sure their loved ones are secure.

We could not be more excited to be part of “THE OLYMPICS OF TECH”- Collision 2021.

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