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DGLegacy® Named One of the Most Influential Legal Tech Startup in 2023

December 30, 2023
DGLegacy, your digital legacy planning and inheritance service, named One of the Most Influential Legal Tech Startup.

DGLegacy®, a Leader in Digital Legacy Planning and Digital Inheritance named a top Legal Tech Startup in 2023

DGLegacy®, renowned for its expertise in digital legacy planning and digital inheritance, has been acknowledged by a prominent EU startup platform as one of Germany’s Most Influential Legal Tech Startups in 2023. This recognition underscores DGLegacy®’s significant contribution to the growth of the legal tech sector in Germany.

At the Forefront of Legal Tech Innovation

In the diverse and dynamic German startup landscape, DGLegacy® is making a notable impact in the legal tech arena. As a fintech innovator, DGLegacy® is revolutionizing how people protect their assets and secure the financial future of their loved ones. We’re tackling a crucial issue: the common scenario where heirs are unaware of assets left by their deceased relatives.


Blending Technology with Legal Expertise

Traditionally, the legal industry has been hesitant to embrace new technologies. DGLegacy® is shifting this trend by seamlessly integrating tech solutions with legal services, thereby simplifying and democratizing access for everyone.


Focused on People and the Future

At DGLegacy®, our mission revolves around developing solutions that are attuned to people’s needs. We’re keenly aware of the challenges faced in preserving financial legacies and provide empathetic, user-friendly tools to address these concerns. This commitment places DGLegacy® at the forefront of legal tech, dedicated to making a tangible impact in people’s lives.

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A Standout Amongst Peers

In the EU startup showcase, DGLegacy® is celebrated not only for our technological prowess but also for our vision of making legal and financial protection straightforward and accessible. We’re focused on helping individuals protect their finances and loved ones, further establishing our leadership in the legal tech industry.


Looking Ahead

As we continue to shape the legal tech sector, DGLegacy®’s journey is one to watch. We’re actively addressing the challenges of today while paving the way for a future where legal and financial protection is effortless and secure for everyone.


Join Our Journey

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, making legal processes more accessible and secure for everyone. With DGLegacy®, the future of legal tech is here, and it’s more human-centered than ever.


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