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DGLegacy announces its partnership with Plan A

February 1, 2022
DGLegacy announces its partnership with Plan A

DGLegacy announces its partnership with Plan A on the way to becoming the leading digital inheritance service of the future


We at DGLegacy are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Plan A, a Sofia-based software development company, one of the most dedicated and ambitious ones in the industry.




Joining forces, with a set of goals in common, Plan A and DGLegacy team up/ unite their efforts  to solve the multi-billion-dollar global problem of unclaimed assets.

Plan A and DGLegacy share the bold vision of building a world where people can protect their assets and make sure their loved ones are secure, by building the N1 digital inheritance service globally.

A union of ambitious software professionals, specialized in delivering complex IT solutions, as well as experienced, and passionate visioners in the digital legacy industry, we are confident that we can shape, build, and further develop the digital legacy services of the future.

The main goal of this partnership is to support all people around the world in their wish to protect their assets and ensure they’ll be inherited by their loved ones.

How are we going to achieve this?

By allowing our users to:

  • easily track and organize complex and diverse digital and financial assets;
  • securely protect their documents and passwords with the digital inheritance and digital will service;
  • employ a fatal event detection functionality, that will trigger the digital inheritance;
  • and last, but not least  – make use of a proactive multi-channel notification to their beneficiaries regarding the designated assets in case of a fatal event.


The current partnership between Plan A and DGLegacy will give financially mindful people the opportunity to finally get a comprehensive digital inheritance solution that can help them protect not only their assets, but their loved ones when matters the most.

Our joint teams will make sure that together we build the digital legacy service of the future.


Peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 



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