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DGLegacy and outstanding Executive MBA consultants have partnered to foster improvements

March 24, 2022
DGLegacy and University Of Wisconsin-Madison Business School Collaboration

DGLegacy – the digital legacy and inheritance service of the future, aiming to solve the multi-billion-dollar global problem of abandoned and unclaimed digital and financial assets – is on a mission to improve its price affordability for the thousands of users that already use the service.


Setting out to protect its clients, their loved ones, and their digital and financial assets, DGLegacy has taken on board some of the brightest people to help improve its price affordability so that DGLegacy users can retain their financial wealth and peace of mind, while providing the highest level of protection and security for their assets and loved ones.


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How does DGLegacy foster improvements?

DGLegacy constantly strives to improve all aspects of its service, from the seamless and secure cataloging of assets and passwords, through the detection of unforeseen events, to an affordable and user-friendly pricing model.


Our co-founding team of Peter Minev and Ana Mineva involved one of the brightest Executive MBA consulting teams from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, led by Randall B. Dunham, Emeritus Professor of Management and International Business, to provide their professional guidance. Together, they have created an improved pricing strategy for DGLegacy and its users to preserve their digital and financial assets for the next generation at the best possible price.


There are many examples of businesses such as DGLegacy collaborating with academic consulting teams from renowned universities, such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which have led to positive experiences for both parties.


We are happy that our co-founding team took that path to leverage that extensive knowledge and expertise to build a better digital inheritance service for their users and their loved ones.



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