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Ana Mineva Shares How DGLegacy® Became the #1 Global Digital Legacy Management Service

July 30, 2023
Ana Mineva, the CEO & Co-founder at DGLegacy@ for levelDo

Date: May, 2023

Creating Digital Legacies: Interview with the the CEO & Co-Founder of DGLegacy®, Ana Mineva.

In an insightful interview with LevelDO, Ana Mineva, CEO & Co-founder of DGLegacy®, shares the compelling story behind her company’s rise to prominence in the digital legacy planning industry. DGLegacy®, known for its innovative digital inheritance service, helps individuals safeguard their digital and financial assets for their loved ones, addressing the critical problem of unclaimed assets.

Two years post-launch, DGLegacy® boasts over 5000 subscribers and continues to grow swiftly. The service ensures that beneficiaries are aware of and can claim assets seamlessly in the event of an asset holder’s demise. This commitment has cemented DGLegacy’s position as a frontrunner in the global market for digital asset protection.

The backstory of DGLegacy® and the inspiration behind it.

Ana’s journey began 15 years ago, driven by personal concerns about asset transparency and management as an entrepreneur and a mother. The initial concept was to create a service that not only kept track of assets but actively informed beneficiaries during critical times. This vision has expanded into a robust platform that provides extensive digital legacy management tools.

The process of designing and prototyping the first version of DGLegacy®

The design and launch of DGLegacy® involved a lean development process focused on building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that was gradually refined based on user feedback and rigorous testing. The official launch was marked by a strategic press release while Ana was participating in an EMBA program in Berlin, emphasizing the need for digital legacy management.

What strategies have been effective in attracting and keeping customers to date?

Customer retention and acquisition have been driven by targeted marketing strategies, exceptional customer support, and continuous product enhancement based on customer feedback. Ana credits much of her entrepreneurial philosophy to influential books like “The Fifth Discipline” and “Blue Ocean Strategy,” which have guided her innovative approach in a traditionally conservative field.

Where is DGLegacy® now, and what are the future plans?

Looking forward, DGLegacy® plans to expand its customer base and enhance its product offerings, including the launch of a mobile app and new features under the DGLegacy® Platinum plan. Ana’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to maintain focus, seek continuous feedback, and embrace the journey with patience and persistence.

For more insights from Ana Mineva and to stay updated on DGLegacy®, visit www.DGLegacy.com or follow the social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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