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Jan 20 2021



Sam Tuke – “…DGLegacy service will proactively reach out to my family members…”


In the event if something happens to me it’s really providing me with peace of mind to know that DGLegacy service will proactively reach out to my family members and make sure that they get access to my assets and the information which I’ve shared with them.

Especially for my family members who have a history of finding it difficult to keep track of this information, and not storing it securely or in a way that can retrieve it.

It’s really important to me to know that I don’t have to worry about that step, because DGLegacy is taking care of it for me.


Sam Tuke, CEO at Lightmeter

Sam Tuke, CEO at Lightmeter, who explains how he uses DGLegacy to protect his physical and financial assets and ensure that they will be inherited by his family members.



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