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Jan 20 2021


Alara Vural – “DGLegacy is the most innovative asset management solution…”


DGLegacy is the most innovative asset management solution I have seen up to date.

There are so many solutions out there that claim to manage your assets and essentially get your assets to your loved ones, but from experience – I’ve seen that they have blind spots and have more than one holes in them

DGLegacy solves this problem from personal experience and therefore have offered a complete solution.

I am incredibly grateful for their existence.


Alara Vural, CEO of Alara Vural Coaching

Alara Vural, CEO of Alara Vural Coaching, talking how DGLegacy ensures holistic protection of her assets and passwords, ensures that her loved ones will be able to identify and locate them in the case of an unforeseen event, and ultimately ensures a peace of mind for her. 



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