Apr 1 2021

The problem


Unclaimed assets are reaching unprecedented levels globally – in the USA and the UK alone, the numbers are around $100B and respectively £77B. These are assets which stay in insurance companies, banks, cryptocurrency wallets, and asset management companies after their owners pass away, instead of reaching the rightful beneficiaries. 


This is due to many factors – fundamentally different regulations, different company policies and industries. Combine that with the unbearable sorrow of losing a loved one and it’s understandable why those numbers grow. Instead of receiving all the assistance they might require when their relatives pass away, people are challenged with bureaucracy and unclear processes; which ultimately results in billions of unclaimed assets – the fruits of so many people’s hard work.

Our mission

This is a problem that’s very close to heart for us – we’ve experienced it ourselves and we’re all too aware of all the challenges and obstacles we’ve had to overcome when losing a loved one. That’s why we set out on a very personal mission to solve that problem for as many other people as we can, giving them the support and peace of mind they need along the way. And we had to solve it in such a way that ensured ease of use and intuitiveness.

The results

When we embarked on this journey, we never thought we’d be able to make such a huge impact so early. DGLegacy has been live since August of 2020, but in just a few months our user growth is just staggering:

This in turn left us with a very humble appreciation of the support from all our users. The fact we’ve been able to achieve so much in such a short period of time, especially given the extremely difficult global situation we all continue to be in is extremely satisfying and motivational.

This is just the beginning

Apart from being more motivated than ever to continue our mission, we kept implementing new features and functionality to further give our users peace of mind and ease of use. We recently introduced our Password Management functionality that allows our clients to securely catalog their passwords and treat them as assets. The adoption of this new feature was immediate and yet another step in making sure we’re continuing to solve the problem at the core of our mission in the best possible way.



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